solar1Solar and Energy Efficiency

Sierra Valley can provide you with installation of a number of products that will increase the energy efficiency of your home.  There are many ways to improve the efficiency of your home and reduce your energy costs, in some cases substantially.  Every home is different, and what works best and is most cost effective can vary by home and the way you live in your home.

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Solar Electric and Hot Water      

8 kw Polemount - livestock resistant polemount solar array

8 kw Polemount – livestock resistant polemount solar array

Solar is a great way to reduce or even eliminate your energy costs.  Not everyone is a good candidate for solar.  Your usage, electric or gas provider, and shading around your home all affect the feasibility of solar being a good investment for you. Just as with Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer the Multi Brand advantage.  We do not offer just one or two products and try to convince you that what we sell is better than anything else on the market.  We continuously communicate with our suppliers and watch for trends, such as a certain brand of solar module that is being returned at a high rate for failure.  We keep up on the industry and various manufactures and follow their advancements as well as online feedback on their products. When we quote a job, we try to quote a product that offers known reliability and competitive costs. Many people can be candidates for solar electric. If you have electric bills over $200 a month, you may be a good candidate for solar electric.  Solar hot water works best for homes that use high volumes of hot water or heat water with electric or propane gas.  However, even if you have natural gas, if you have a high usage, or have a commercial business with a kitchen, laundry, or provide hot water to multiple units, solar hot water can be cost effective even if you heat with low cost natural gas.

Solar Job

Solar Job


Tankless Water Heating

Once a rarity, tankless water heaters are becoming much more prevalent in homes today.  Since water heating is one of the largest consumers of energy in homes, a tankless water heater can reduce your water heating costs substantially.  If you are building a new home, tankless can provide a substantial credit to complying with energy codes. As will all of our offerings, we can provide a number of brands.