Maintenance Agreements

This Preventive Maintenance Agreement is twice a year. Once before winter and once before the summer. Just like your car, your HVAC equipment needs regular scheduled tune ups in order to maintain proper operation. Having it regularly maintained will allow your unit to run its best. It allows you to maintain optimum efficiency of your equipment and allows you to the same monthly utility costs.

Heating System:

  1. Adjust thermostat
  2. Clean and adjust all safety controls
  3. Vacuum clean burners and controls if necessary
  4. Test ignition components
  5. Adjust burner for efficiency
  6. Check for gas leak in the furnace
  7. Check and lubricate all moving parts when applicable
  8. Check belt and adjust tension when applicable
  9. Check flue pipe
  10. Check all circuit boards and electronics

Air Conditioning System:

  1. Check refrigerant charge and operating pressures
  2. Check voltage and amperage to all motors with meter
  3. Check air temperature drop across evaporator
  4. Check evaporator superheat
  5. Check and lubricate all moving parts when applicable
  6. Check belt and adjust tension when applicable
  7. Check filters
  8. Check pressure switch cut-out setting
  9. Check electrical lock out circuits
  10. Check all wiring and connections
  11. Adjust thermostat
  12. Check air temperature across condenser
  13. Check for dirty condenser coil
  14. Check that condensate drain is open. Turn exposed dampers to cooling position, if marked.

This Maintenance Agreement is $144.00