Is your HVAC System Blowing Cool Air?

Is it time for an HVAC tune up? Did you just turn on your heater and all you’re getting is cool air coming from the vents?

If your HVAC unit is blowing cool air, you might be in a panic. The temperatures outside have been close to freezing and it’s that time of year we are in for some cold air our way for a while.  Sounds like it’s time to check your furnace!

If you’re turning on your HVAC system for the first time this winter, give it some time. It’s possible that the cool air in the ducts may just have to escape out through the vents.  After the cool air flows out, you should (hopefully) feel some warm air.

Have you replaced your air filter? Air filters should be changed at least every 30 – 60 days. Dirty air filters reduce air flow.  When air flow is reduced, the motor works harder and eventually the motor can burn out. Dirty air filters also allow dirt to build up inside the unit which also leads to dirty components within the HVAC system. Dirty air filters also lead to dirty ducts which compromise air quality & some of the dirt ends up back in the HVAC unit. Sometimes, all you need to do is replace your air filter and Voila! Your heating system is on and blowing warm air out of those vents in no time.

Still feeling cool air coming out of the vents? This may sound silly but… make sure your thermostat is set for “heating” and not still left on A/C. Don’t forget to check the battery too! Have you remembered to check the pilot light? It could be that all you need to do is light that pilot light and your HVAC system will be ready to go and should start up right away.

After trying these options if you still have no warm air, it sounds like it might be time to give Sierra Valley Home Corp a call for a maintenance inspection.

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Don’t wait any longer, give Sierra Valley Home Corp a call and you will be warming up before you know it!